"Reliable Surgical Solutions’’

Our Values

Since our establishment, we continue to add value to health with our first day passion and experienced expert staff, in a trust-based and solution-oriented approach, by adhering to ethical values.

Our Vision

Based on the strength of our values, our main vision is to provide supply for the delivery of health services in our country to the highest level, and to be a leading solution partner in the field by working in cooperation with health professionals

Our Mission

Our main mission is to provide reliable and innovative medical devices to healthcare professionals by following the global developments in health technologies, and to contribute to both the health economy and the health of our people with the solutions we produce by following national and international legislation.


For a quarter of a century, we have been delivering the distinguished surgical instruments that our genious surgeons, who add value to life by providing the greatest service to human health, need during their operations to every corner of our country.

Professional Support

We professionally and meticulously prepare surgical sets needed for vital surgeries performed by our genious surgeons who perform ingenious work in different surgical disciplines with open and minimal invasive surgical methods. Our greatest source of inspiration in these meticulous works is the saying of our ancestors, “tools and work are proud.”

Wide Range of Quality Products

We offer an uninterrupted and reliable service to our country’s healthcare system with our wide product range that we offer to the market in all surgical disciplines, approximately 19,000 different surgical instruments and equipment and of course the power we derive from our manufacturers.

Turnkey Projects

With the experience we have gained in domestic and international turnkey hospital projects, we become a reliable solution partner by providing consultancy to contractor companies on end-to-end planning and supply of surgical instrument sets.

Customer Satisfaction

Based on an approach towards unconditional customer satisfaction in our after-sales services, we provide technical service and periodic maintenance services with our expert technical staff.

Professional and Social Responsibility

We both share our experiences and take our place in the sector ecosystem on a voluntary basis by becoming a member of professional medical associations. On the other hand, we try to contribute to the development of social responsibility awareness by supporting social responsibility projects.

Investing to Younger Generation

We open positions to the young generation Biomedical Engineers in our company, bring them to our sector, share our experience with them and of course try to direct their career goals.


We continue to produce sustainable solutions for modern surgical technologies with the same excitement and passion since our establishment.



We started our commercial activities in the Medical Device Sector in Istanbul.


We signed an exclusive agreement with the Elcon Medical Instruments GmbH (Germany) on the sole authorized representative of surgical instruments in Turkey.


We have crowned our institutionalization efforts with our ISO 9001 Quality Management System Certificate.


We strengthened our physical infrastructure by moving to our prestigious modern office in Koza Plaza, Istanbul.


We completed our organizational chart by signing our Local Dealer Agreements with more than 30 competent companies in all geographical regions arround Turkey.


We started to present Laparoscopic Instruments and Devices of Elcon Medical Instruments GmbH to the Turkish Health Industry.


We signed an exclusive agreement with the Albert Heiss GmbH (Germany) on the sole representation of Opthalmic Surgical Instruments in Turkey.


We signed an exclusive agreement with the Otto Leibinger GmbH (Germany) on the sole representation of Dental Surgical Instruments in Turkey.


We started online and direct sales of personal protective equipment with our HijyenKit brand after the epidemic started all over the world and in our country.


A Quarter Century Of Experience


Our Team

Uğur Mumay

General Manager

Önder Ercan

Supply Chain Manager

İlknur Bilici

Finance Director

Gökhan Yazıcı

Sales Manager

Alihan Gedikli

Technical Service and Regulation Specialist

Cansu Keskin

Accounting and Finance Assistant

Oğuz Urkan

Purchase and Logistic Specialist